Ungi Bungi snowskate leash

ungi bungi leash by florida powderskate

Ungi Bungi

snowskate leash

powsurf leash

powsurfer leash

grassroots powsurf leash



boyd hill snowskate

Binding free leash

boyd hill leash

boyd hill

Bindingless snowboard leash

Spend more time riding and less time chasing after your ride! Ungi Bungi leashes have been a snowskate staple since 2006. 


Product TESTER, Designer, engineer.

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ungi bungi products

Ungi Bungi

ungi bungi classic

your most important ally in binding free adventures. this is the original ungi bungi constructed of a super durable UV stabilized solid core urethane, stainless steel swivels and nylon webbing.



Ungi Bungi Powder Leash

ungi bungi pow

similar to ungi bungi classic but made with lightweight hollow core technology upgraded for deep powder with an extra float formula. increased length and recoil snap-back reduction. the way to go for untracked terrain.


Ungi Bungi Traction

ungi traction

the best binding free snow traction available. lightweight, closed cell EVA foam specially formulated for all mountain traction. very high bond (VHB) adhesive guarentees permanent placement on your board. get a grip.



Ungi Bungi Bolts

ungi bolts

you gotta connect your board to your tucks somehow! These stainless steel bolts are the best option to secure your ride. Ungi Bungi bolts are compatible with all rocker trucks.





Please refrain from using dog leashes, ropes or other untested straps. Ungi Bungi products are engineered with safety and performance in mind.


We've done the R&D. Ungi Bungi products are road tested to perform the best & they're built to last.


Guaranteed with a 3 year limited warranty.

Which One is best for me?

Classic VS Pow Leash

Ungi Bungi

The classic leash is best for all-mountain freestyle riding. It’s short enough for the park, and has enough release to allow for minimal snap-back, so you don’t get speared after you bail on a big kicker. 

If you’re looking for deep, bottomless powder, don’t forget your Ungi Bungi Pow Leash! More length, thicker diameter for added durability, and our hollow core high float formula keep you riding high. 

Ungi Bungi Powder Leash



Tall Boys by Rocker Trucks

Rockers makes a killer selection of trucks that will fits anyones needs. They also make all the gear to go with them, and we carry them right here.



Adam engineered the Ungi Bungi Leash so that more resorts would allow people to ride the mountain binding free. The ultimate goal is safety, for the rider and those around them. Low Snap-back reduces the risk of getting injured by your own equipment, but that doesn't make up for experience.


Surfer's do it, so can we. Ungi Bungi leashes are made of the same strong materials surfer's use in the ocean. Over the years the materials have proven their strength and durabilits.


Quality materials, made in the USA, California actually. Constructed very similar to a surf leash


Please email adam@powderskater.com with any questions at all!

ungi bungi leash by florida powderskate

Adam hard at work,
product testing his latest creation.