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ungi bungi




Stick a lightweight, closed cell EVA foam Ungi Bungi Traction to your board with it’s VHB, very high bond, adhesive. The flat foam surface has no grooves or bumps to resist snow accumulation on your top-deck. Our density formula provides grip and dampening. Let your feet sink into an Ungi Bungi Traction for a solid, smooth, carefree ride!  

*available in 4 cool colors:

Black Ball | Gulf Green |  Florida Orange  | Bermuda Blue

  • Closed Cell EVA Foam is lightweight.
  • Density Formulation for a dampened & lively feel perfect for all Mountain Traction.
  • VHB Adhesive secures to your board. 
  • 10 x 36 inch

Made in the USA

get a grip with Ungi Bungi Traction!

Ungi Bungi

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