florida technology

We've worked hard to develop the best methods of board building. We take a minimal approach to our designs and layups.  Cap construction has an organic feel with less plastic.  florida premier material preferences ensures quality and lasting ride performance. Mountain machine for all lines where flow and terrain roll over long time.


cap construction

an alternative to the industry standard plastic side walls and historically found on my favorite boards.  Fiberglass wraps the board's core to connect the top and bottom layers providing enhanced torsional and  longitudinal stiffness. The aesthetic is killer as well.  Hold carve pop rollers and feel the mountain.



solid wood core

100% hand-shaped wood core is the best for the environment and performance. an alternative to industry standard plastic designs, our wood core's extends the full length of the board. our solid wood core provides optimum flex, torsional control and supreme mountain feel.


our board press

Adam designed this press and had it custom fabricated to fit our unique templates. each board is heat pressed in a vacuum bag until the resin has set to provide optimal durability.

reinforced steel  edges

all our edges are installed by hand to perfectly match the curve of the board. hand sharpened blah blah.

florida powderskates

the fine tuning

we inspect, wax, and polish each board we make to ensure the highest level of quality in each board we make. each board is ground on our belt sander so your ride will be as fast as possible. 


get on the train

Check out our powderskate page and snowboard page to find the perfect board for you. If you still can't decide contact us and we can talk about a custom board that's perfect for you.


contact us

still have questions? shoot us an email and we will get bak to you with more information. You can email Adam directly at atombennett@gmail.com


learn more about us

check out our about page to learn about the history of florida powderskate, find out how we got our name and where we have our roots.


learn about ungi bungi

an ungi bungi leash is a necessity on the mountain for a binding free ride. just like our boards, these are designed and constructed in california and you can purchase them directly from us.