florida powderskate sidehill action for inevitable straightline to the lift line


Powderskates are the evolution of the snowskate, the idea came to us late one night in a dream, or maybe during a long strange trip,  well, something like that. All we really know is the powder was calling and the idea of riding without the restriction of bindings was a dream that needed to come to fruition, we think we succeeded in the ultimate design. florida powderskate sub-decks can rock both worlds - they hold edge in the groomers and float well above powder. The powderskate is the ultimate vehicle for binding free performance to fulfill our pipe dreams of surfing powder.

florida powderskates

florida powderskate 125


all-around easy ride

control and stability in all conditions

freestyle riding and light powder

florida powderskate 152


high performance carving and control.

intermediate/advanced ride in all mountain conditions.

powder slashing floatation vehicle

florida powderskate 158


The “Powder Ship”

backcountry ready, maximum floatation

If deep powder is your passion, this is your ship.

florida technology


wood core

100% hand-shaped wood core is the best for the environment and performance. an alternative to industry standard plastic designs, our wood core's extends the full length of the board. our solid wood core provides optimum flex and torsional control.

dolphin geometry

dolphin geometry

the ultimate mix of camber and rocker. our versatile design carves hard in icy conditions and floats deep powder. dolphin geometry is rocker where you want it and camber where you need it.


cap construction

an alternative to the industry standard plastic side wall. fiberglass wraps the board's core to connect the top and bottom layers providing enhanced torsional and longitudinal stiffness. cap construction will bring your ride to life.

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florida accessories

available on our 'gear' page.
trucks, traction, bolts, spacers
we've got you covered,
jump on the train.


rocker trucks

recommended by adam,
rocker trucks provide the perfect amount of flex for smooth flowing turns.
*standard with the 'full package'


chiller decks

performance decks with just the right concave for you footing. Adam prefers his with an ungi bungi traction on top.
*standard with the 'full package'

Ungi Bungi

ungi bungi

safety is our mission.
help us provide a safe experience on the hilll and influence more resorts to allow snowskates & powderskates.
grab an ungi bungi leash.
*standard with the 'full package'

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