The team at florida has tested a lot of hardware. Adam personally hand picked the following selection based on his own experiences and feedback from his team. We also designed some of our own gear under our ungi bungi line.

our gear selection

Ungi Bungi

ungi bungi classic

your most important ally in binding free adventures. this is the original ungi bungi constructed of a super durable UV stabilized solid core urethane, stainless steel swivels and nylon webbing.


Ungi Bungi Powder Leash

ungi bungi pow

similar to ungi bungi classic but made with lightweight hollow core technology upgraded for deep powder with an extra float formula. increased length and recoil snap-back reduction. the way to go for untracked terrain.


Ungi Bungi Traction

ungi traction

the best binding free snow traction available. lightweight, closed cell EVA foam specially formulated for all mountain traction. very high bond (VHB) adhesive guarentees permanent placement on your board. get a grip.


Ungi Bungi Bolts

ungi bolts

you gotta connect your board to your tucks somehow! These stainless steel bolts are the best option to secure your ride. Ungi Fungi bolts are compatible with all rocker trucks.


rocker risers


by Rocker Trucks

aka 'spacers' provide increased leverage and improved edge control. 1/8" thick. holes/outline compatible with all rocker trucks. sold as a PAIR made of PVC & ABS composites.


AG Pros

ag pros 'classics'

by Rocker Trucks

Enhance your subdeck flex beyond rigid trucks. Improve your subdeck flex with a "fixed pivot" geometry design that opens up subdeck to flex more than with rigid trucks. Great all around truck.



4in Punk Rocker trucks


by Rocker Trucks

Snow skate ski flex is key to performance. Punk rocker trucks allow your subdeck to flex almost without resistance creating smoother turns and better stability.
The Best Truck Made.



glam rocker trucks


by Rocker Trucks

Rocker’s dual hinge trucks are as glamorous to ride as they are to look at.



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