about florida powderskate

florida powderskate is a small grassroots operation. Adam Bennett is the dreamer, designer, engineer, craftsmen, and face of florida powderskate. Adam hand-crafts eachpowderskate and snowboard to order with endless powder carves in mind. powder is our passion.

Adam Bennett designed the first functioning prototype of a powderskate in Tallahassee, Florida - ya, that's how we got our name.

adam on a custom florida snowboard

what is a snowskate?

florida? why florida?

  Adam grew up in the Pacific Northwest and early on had a passion for carving clean, powerful lines in deep powder. He also took an interest to the binding-free experience of snowskating, however at the time, snowskates were limited in powder.

     Always a tinkerer, Adam graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in mechanical engineering. He took a job in board sports product development where he learned the board building process. During this time, he developed the skills required to design and manufacture snowboards. With this newfound knowledge, he began development of a series of binding free boards that allowed him to float on pillows of powder. After years of research and development a final product was realized,; Adam dubbed his creation a “powderskate."

     Adam’s career took him to Florida where he became an avid surfer, further fueling his realization that a binding-free powder experience was possible. On a warm winter day in January of 2004, Adam finished his final prototype powderskate and packed his truck and camper along with his wife, Stacey, and their four-legged companion. They pulled out of the driveway of their Florida home and began their journey to the closest powder field around, Appalachian Ski Hill, North Carolina.  Conditions on the hill ended up being perfect for testing and Adam and Stacey traded off taking runs on the very first florida powderskate.

     Adam and Stacey, have since relocated to the sunny beach community of Ventura, California, where he keeps the powderskate production going strong. Most days, Adam can be found in his garage shaping room building boards while his kids are playing in the yard. The garage is equipped with his custom press, a shaping bay, and a couple workbenches. There are usually a few boards in various development and manufacturing stages, maybe even a surfboard or two. It is in this very same garage he also perfected the design for the Ungi Bungi leash.

    To this day, Adam continues to experiment with all sorts of shapes and designs of powderskates, but he has perfected a few and designed this website to share the joy of powderskating with the world. Maybe the next board Adam builds will be yours.

our garage

An engineer by trade, Adam designs our products and is constantly fine tuning our line. We are a small operation and you may have to wait a while for your order, it will be worth it, we promise. There are benefits to the small workspace, we are able to carefully inspect every board we make through each step of production to ensure the best quality of every finished board that leaves our garage.

When we're all caught up on our board orders Adam will usually be found tinkering on a new board concept, whether its a powderskate, snowboard, or surfboard. We often experiment with different materials from resins, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and wood. You can take a closer look out garage including the tools & materials we use and take a peek at our hand-made production process  on our technology page. We're always on the look out for the next step in the evolution of board riding. If you have any ideas of your own we would be stoked to talk with you and design your next custom shape with any materials you choose, just send adam an email.

Our world headquarters, aka, our backyard garage, is just a stone’s throw from the ocean and a short trip to the mountains.

Adam Surfboard Tech
adam tinkering with a surfboard in our shaping bay


email adam directly and he will personally get back to you!



check out our about page to learn about the history of florida powderskate, find out how we got our name and where we have our roots.