powder is our passion.

powderskates are the most surf-like ride you will find on the mountain.

florida powderskate takes snowskater's and powdersurfer's to the next level of performance in all mountain conditions, including backcountry powder.

florida powderskates are individually hand-crafted  in our garage in ventura, ca since 2004. 

safety is our mission. 

a leash is key on the slopes.

after countless failed attempts to pursuede our local mountain to allow snowskaters lift access we designed the ungi bungi leash to prove that snowskates can be safe for everyone. 

ungi bungi is specially designed with safety, durability and performance in mind so you spend more time riding and less time chasing after your ride.


about us

inspired by the pacific northwest.
original prototypes built in the state of florida.
currently located in ventura, california.


our garage

every florida powderskate is handmade by adam bennet in our garage in california. we have very own custom made press and shaping room, which occasionally use to craft surfboards too.



dolphin geometry.
cap construction.
solid wood cores.

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